Monday, April 04, 2011


I'm a 2nd vice president in the county extension club. This is the officer who is in charge of welcoming and processing new members. Every year, we have a county wide event welcoming all new members, called The Victory Tea.

Today, we're having a planning meeting, and since the event will be a tea, this planning meeting will be a sort of tea tasting to decide on the menu.

This sort of thing is a bit fussier than my usual preferences, but it can be a fun to get a little fancy now and then, so I went right to the most uppity tea sandwich I know of: cucumber sandwiches.

These are made on my cute shaped bread slices, spread with cream cheese whipped up with a little yogurt to thin it a tad and lots of minced fresh chives from the garden.  Thinly sliced cucumbers (an excuse to break out the mandolin, yay) are the only fiilling.

Now to practice keeping that pinky up!

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1 comment:

Worknprogress said...

Those are about the cutest lil' sammies i've ever seen!

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