Thursday, April 07, 2011


I really enjoy working with felt. I like to design crafts for wool embroidery and applique.  It's fun and easy to work with, since you don't have to turn under edges, etc.

This a pattern I bought recently, and I'm hoping to have it finished for Easter. I'm sure I can.  Though I don't know whether it'll be Easter 2012, lol.

I am just exhausted of gardening today, so I took the afternoon to do something quiet and calm and not involving dirt!

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Marie Anne said...

I've never worked much with felt. Most of my crafting involves a crochet hook. Pretty pattern, though.

Bethany said...

I hadn't done much felt applique either until this year, and I've grown to just love it.

I really like this pattern too. I almost didn't buy it, because I always think I can just design my own Easter/bunny candle mat, but this one was already just what I wanted!

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