Monday, April 11, 2011


Imagination is a big thing around our house. That might seem weird for a household of two adults, but I think it has to do with the fact that Ben and I have the same sense of humor and can see each other's imaginations.

We have three cats.  But sometimes it's as though we have six. The real cats, and the cats as they live in our imaginations, with the funny personalities we've built for them.

Smudge, in our imaginations, loves drama and costumes and ceremony, music and pomp and spectacle.  He's reinvented himself through his musical career a number of times, from broadway star, to rapper Smudgie Bear Ya'll, to country singer Cletus T. Smudge.  He comes from a long line of noble bear-cats, though his tribe was wiped out in the line of duty herding bears when it was discovered that they are, in fact, juicy.

He was overjoyed when my little brother visited last year with his finace, Miss Becky.  He arranged a small reception for her in which Pickles wore a white dress and presented a posy of flowers, while he gave a welcoming speech.

I drew a scene of this on our chalkboard for Adam and Becky, so they too could see our imaginations.  Since then, this little drawing of Smudgie has been dressed up as a vampire and a Pilgrim, among others.  Smudge is overjoyed with his newest costume and can't wait to try hippity hopping.

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Karen Peterson said...

You are so funny! I love imagination, too, though I can't say I've taken it as far as you. Well, off the written page anyway.

Anna said...

That is so weird --- I thought we were the only one who gave our cats secret lives! Huckleberry has an imaginary friend named Cockroach who --- I discovered last week --- is in a motorcycle gang. Huckleberry follows Cockroach's lead and often gets into imaginary trouble. Strider follows along after his big brother and is sometimes duped to get into trouble too. :-)

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Another I word to describe your blog is impressive, I really enjoyed what you wrote, I wrote about the word imagine.
Good luck with the challenge,

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