Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Importance of a Good Dirt Pokin' Stick

This is my stick. I use it for planting in the raised beds only, because it's not actually strong enough to stand up to the heavy clay of the big garden plot. Here in the raised beds though, it's invaluable.
I poke the holes for seeding, and I draw the furrows when we decide to plant in rows.  I dig out weeds, etc.  I think that a good dirt pokin' stick is a very valuable tool for square foot gardening.

I've been setting up a couple more raised beds, since I've filled the ones we already own with onions and garlic.  I have an onions and garlic addiction.  So, I set up a couple more and got one part of them planted with cabbage and broccoli starts, with beets in the center square foot.

I just came in for lunch, and now I'm headed back out to the dirt to finish filling the new beds and get them planted with carrots, parsnips, turnips, radishes, buttercrunch lettuce, spinach, mustard greens, kale, and kolrabi.

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Tracey said...

This post is so timely. I have been toying with the idea of a raised bed vegetable garden for years now. I'm a flower gardener mostly. Veggies intimidate me. I find the thought of setting up the beds even more daunting though. The prep work is by far my least favorite part of gardening. You make it sound so easy though. :-)

Marie Anne said...

Every time I find a good stick it gets lost or broken. Good thing nearby trees keep me in good supply.

(BTW, your chicken butt looks just like my chicken butt)

Kathy said...

There's nothing like a good pokin' stick, for 'dirt' or like mine, for our back yard, camp-fire pit.
Glad to know you grow a garden. Fresh veggies are wonderful!!!

I found you with the ‘surprise me’ button. I’m a new follower of yours. I'd love to have you check out my take on the A to Z Challenge, comment and follow, if you'd like.
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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Interesting post. You're lucky to be somewhere warm enough to be planting already.

I love your bread shapes....

bootextiles said...

I'm really going to enjoy watching your veggies grow this year. I'm dabbling with growing on my window sill! x

Matt Conlon said...

I used to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, green beans, and strawberries when I was young. I'm going to make a good run at doing it again this year with my daughter, I think she'll have a great time! Everyone should have tomatoes off the plant, they are unparalleled!

Matt Conlon dot com
Matt's Brew Log

Bethany said...

Tracey, the raised beds really are so much easier than the big garden full of weeds!

Marie Anne, those cute fluffy butts sure are fun to see around the place, aren't they?

Kathy, there's certainly a lot of satisfaction involoved in poking things with sticks.

Sharon, I am glad spring comes early here, but it is a trade off with the miserable St. Louis summers. So gross.

Boo, it's a great thing to eat something you've grown, isn't it?

Matt, sounds like you already know what you're doing. I'm sure it'd do your daughter a lot of good to learn to grow some food!

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