Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jams and Jellies

This year, one of the best things about spring coming is that berries and fruits for restocking the homemade jam supply. We ran out of Strawberry Rhubarb long ago, and I didn't do any Apple last fall because the orchard ran out of apples (!).

I'm hoping we'll have enough raspberries from our own bushes this year for a batch of jam.  We're planning to go strawberry picking as soon as the berries are ready.

What are your favorite jam and jelly recipes?

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Marie Anne said...

My Mom made crabapple jelly when I was a kid and gosh, was it good. The old man across the street had crabapple trees but didn't do anything with the fruit, so us five kids would go over with our paper grocery bags and come home with the loot.

Melonie said...

Bethany, do you ever watch King of the Hill? There's an episode where the niece gets sucked into a cult/sorority and they sell "jams... jellies... jams... jellies". (Insert droning voice there.) Your title totally made me think of that and laugh to myself.

Anywho, in all seriousness, I'm hoping that I can find some local fruits to do fridge jams (and jellies) with the kids. I haven't worked my way up to "real" canning yet but someday......

Kathy said...

I make homemade spiced crabapple jelly from the teeny tiny apples on our flowering crab tree. It's from an old recipe and the most like my Grandmothers.
Great choice for "J".

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