Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Knitting Projects

This is my current "concentrate and follow charts, knit two handed, color knitting" project.  It's the cullo pattern from Knitpicks.  I love these colors! I'm really enjoying working with the pallette yarn, it's got such saturated colors. Very vivid.

My "don't need to think about it or even look while I knit" project right now is a log cabin throw that I'm knitting all in white from Cabana yarn from my stash.  I think I'll end up backing the throw with some flannel.  This will add warmth, keep the knitting in shape well, and hide the wrong side of my picked up stitches where they're a bit messy.

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Marie Anne said...

I've never knit or crocheted from a chart. I don't like patterns that take too much concentration.

That's a beautiful piece.

Boo Textiles said...

Wow- that's really impressive. I wouldn't know where to start with a chart! My socks are my new concentration project and I've got a patchwork blanket on the go for when I'm watching TV or on a car journey. I just love knitting. Pls keep us posted on yours. xx

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