Sunday, April 17, 2011

Never Say Never

I like to keep everything in my yard and garden organic. I don't dust Sevin powder, I dust with cayenne powder. I use boiling water or white vinegar on the cracks in the walkways. I fertilize with coffee and manure and compost.  I find Monsanto creepy and distasteful and their RoundUp ads campaigning against dandelions pretty much make me see red.

It was my organic fertilizer urges that got me into a big predicament with a terribly non-organic.  We had a big load of manure brought in two summers ago, and we'd been told it was well rotted and composted.

With it came monster terrible weeds. These grow quickly and luxiously whereever I spread the manure. They spread underground, have the most fagile roots that break at the drop of a hat, grow up from the smallest piece of said root and also have tap roots as thick as my wrist.

I tried my best to keep them weeded from the garden all last summer, but pulling them usually left behind the root, from which two would grow, and digging them seemed to help them spread, since it was impossible for me not to end up breaking the roots apart.

So, when I saw how thickly they were covering a third of my garden this spring, and that they've already grown to two feet tall, I knew, no matter how much I hate to do it, that this once I'd have to bring in chemical reinforcements.

I may be justifying my actions here, and not being completely honest with myself, but the way I see it, very strong measures are sometimes justified in extreme situations. So, if I use poison this once to eradicate a very noxious weed that's ruining my garden, then wait for it to break down before planting, I'm saving myself a lot of frustration and concern, not to mention saving the garden plot from being taken over.

I do wish I had one of the flame thrower weeders instead though! Ben won't let me get one.  Some nonsense or other about starting devastating wildfires.

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Louellen said...

I can't believe he won't let you get a flame thrower due to some little thing called 'wild fires'.

In truth it's good to burn tall stands, but I didn't know about the Vinegar and Boiling water. Thanks! :D

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I would do it. I don't think we need to vilify chemicals; they fulfill legitimate needs and can make our lives easier. But they're definitely only a 'sometimes' thing. It really disturbs me to learn the amount of chemicals used on our foods—and on everything.

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