Friday, May 13, 2011

Bad Luck Bear Strikes Again

So, I'm a Bad Luck Bear.  I tend to get hurt/sick/infected/injured/bitten/alergic/what have you slightly more than the average person.  Maybe I rush too much, or don't use enough caution, but I do feel like I might get more than my fair share of that kind of trouble sometimes.  I try to just look on the bright side and find something humorous about the situation and get on with things, and I am grateful that I don't have Job-sized bad luck instead, or even just one big problem, so I do feel better equipped than some to deal with the continual string of small irritations.

This week my tendency to be injured while doing innocuous activities reared its head again.  I ran over a stick with the lawn mower, and it kicked back into my leg, going through my pants, and subsquently, my skin.  It was slightly startling to look down and see blood filling my shoe and dripping all over the foot rest of the mower.

The amount of blood made me think I'd sliced the back of my leg open, so I was relieved when I got inside and saw it was just a small punture.  I cleaned it well with soap and water, poured on the hydrogen peroxide, and applied antibiotic ointment.  It them proceeded to become infected badly, warranting a trip to the urgent care clinic the following evening.

Because the doctor there did not realize she was dealing with a Bad Luck Bear, she sent me home with a mark indicating the present state of the red streaks, a "just in case" prescription for Keflex, and hopeful words about how well it seemed to be healing.  A couple of hours later, the streaks had progressed a quarter inch, at least, beyond her pen marks, and my prescription was implemented.

I've spent the rest of the week doing nothing much, since I've been running a fever, and the antibiotic is tearing up my stomach.  But, I'm definately on the mend today.  Yesterday, the red ceased expanding, and it has now started to receed, thank you, Keflex.

I'm hoping to be much more productive next week, since the most useful thing I've accomplished this week is the dishes and the laundry.  Not that those are bad things, but they are bare minimum things.  I did make some maple scones for our wedding anniversary breakfast on Wed, but I didn't care for the recipe much, so it doesn't seem worth sharing.

Since I couldn't be up and about very much, I did get lots of research done looking for some healthy, quick meals for the summer.  I have bad habit foods (nachos, anyone?) that I really tend to rely on too much on the weekends, especially when I'm hot, and it's much busier with the garden work.  I like to feel like I'm having a treat on the weekend, and not having to cook like all the week days, but I've been taking it too far into "treat land" lately, and Ben and I have both gained some weight.  I've been looking for recipes and ideas of food that I can make ahead, will feel "fun and weekend-y" and also be relatively healthy.  A very tall order, I know. I'm at a loss when it comes to fast AND healthy.  I can do one or the other, it seems, but not both at once.  I loved the idea of bean burritos from Tammy's Recipes (such an awesome site!) and have a couple more ideas to try out soon as well.  I'm still on the look out if anyone has ideas or links for me!

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