Monday, May 23, 2011

Good Luck Bear?

You'd think that, for as many four leaf clovers I find, I'd have better luck than I tend to.

I found this one yesterday while I was mowing the lawn.  Yeah, can see them from the mower now. My eyes are really trained to pick them out.  I don't usually bother to pick them, but this was whole and not chewed on, and I was stopping for the day anyway.

I should just start selling these on etsy somehow, since it seems like we've got lucky, mutant clover that overproduces four leafers.

Big storms have been coming through the last couple days, but we've been safe enough here so far.  Some of the new little trees seem a tad beat down, but I think they'll come out okay.

Hope you all are weathering your storms with lots of good natured luck!

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1 comment:

Brigette said...

Betcha if you take those clovers and paste 'em onto something, a rock or a pretty piece of wood... somebody would buy 'em. ;0)

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