Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I am the PowerBringer!

So, for the last couple weeks, we've been noticing a few different outlets have stopped working. And the sump pump wasn't working for a bit either, until we noticed and plugged it into another outlet.

I was pretty worried that maybe mice had eaten some wires or something, and called today to have a repairman come out and check.

Ben had checked the fuse box, and none had tripped. I didn't really think it was a fuse, since the nonworking outlets were all over, in the garage, on the porch, in the dining room.

I was clearing the bikes away from the fuse box earlier so the guy could get to it more easily, and while looking at the labels, I saw those places (and the sump pump, too) are all on the same breaker.

I flipped it off and back on again, and there you go! All fixed.

I did feel a little silly calling the the repair guy back and explaining why I don't need him to come out now.

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