Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cinder Block Raised Bed Herb Garden

My cinder block beds are looking so much nicer and more finished this year! Our friend Ken came over and helped Ben haul and spread mulch over a very big part of the deck area. I love having nice paths around these beds instead of huge weeds I can't get the mower to.

These beds are for permenant perenial herbs. Starting in the back left corner and going clockwise are: peppermint (1 yr old), lavender (new planting), chamomile (new planting, I started the seedlings inside this spring), and comfrey (1 year old).

I chopped down the comfrey this past week to rot in a bucket of water to make some fertilizer. I've not done this before, but it is why I planted the comfrey (as well as for the occasional poultice), so I hope it works well. I left some behind so I'll have some leaves to pick and bury with the tomatoes when I finally get them planted.

Some of the cinder block holes are planted with nasturtiums, but most are growing weeds. I was pulling them, but sticking my hands into holes with giant striped spiders seems foolhardy, so the next task for this area is to fill in all the holes and plant them with something pretty. I think creeping thyme alternated with some sort of flower would be good. That'll probably wait till next year though, since the cost of the mulch is still sticker shocking me whenever I walk out there!

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