Monday, July 18, 2011

So It's Come to This

Oh, my poor neglected blog, I do love you.  I just seem to have lost touch of how to show it.

I've been unhappy with my blogging (non)performance lately, and have come to an important decision regarding how to proceed.

I don't want to quit writing.  I love blogging, and I really enjoy reading blogs, and I hope that my blog can be enjoyable for other people too.  Not to mention, I use it as an actual log too, and I often look up my own tutorials, techniques, dates, and recipes.  It's helpful in my senility.

So, I don't want to keep haphazardly limping along, and I don't want to cut bait altogether, so this is my new plan: Theme Days!

I'll assign a certain theme to each day of the week and post about that theme.  I'm always more creative with restaints, and it'll be good to have a prompt of sorts for ideas.

So here's the schedule I've come up with:
Monday-Workout Log/Fitness/Health (this is uncommon content for my blog, but Ben and I have both wanted to lose weight, and I feel like it's time to start taking working out more seriously, since I've often felt this summer that I'm literally not strong enough to accomplish some of the things I want to get done)
Wednesday-Crafts/Sewing/Knitting, etc.
Friday-Open  Probably a photo or quote.

The new schedule starts today!

So I'll start out with a whimper unfortunately, lol.  I have no working out to report today, since I can't move my head or shoulders without pain right now.  I have an inherit bad neck, and every once in a while, it'll just go wackadoo on me and cramp and spasm up.

I have been working out fairly regularly for the past three or four weeks now, though have not worked up to the duration that I'd like.  I've been doing twenty to thirty minute routines, and would ultimately like to be doing an hour at a time.

Also, I'm on the lookout for some work outs/activities that Ben and I can do together.  He doesn't like the things I enjoy, like wii fitness games (gold's gym dance, exerbeat, just dance) and dancing workout dvds.  And, though I don't mind using them, his preferred exercise is the treadmill and the exercise bike, and of course we can't do those at the same time.  I'd mostly just like to ad in an activity that we could enjoy together to get us up and moving, even if it's not strictly exercise.

Hope my readers will like the thought of a new schedule!  I'm looking forward to some structure to keep me accountable and give me inspiration!

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Whit said...

Just Dance and the treadmill can go together if you have room for both in one space. Moose and I have the same problem...there's not much on the Wii he and both like, and I despise the treadmill. so we exercise together in the same room doing different things. Zumba and treadmill go together too. :) would bike riding be something you might do together? have fun finding your activity date!

Bethany said...

It's a good idea to just do different things at the same time in the same room. The treadmill is in our bedroom, but Ben's exercise bike is in the livingroom. Next time he rides uses it, I'll have to do my (much more fun) workout at the same time.

Bike riding is a great idea, but right now our bikes are in a bit of disrepair. They were both damaged in our last move and we haven't gotten around to getting them fixed yet. Obviously I should make it a priority! I loved riding my bike and went every day where ever I was going on it when we lived in AZ, but there's not anywhere I can actually ride to now that we live out in the country. I guess that's why I haven't gotten around to taking it to the bike shop.

I was thinking hiking might be a really nice thing to try together too, but then we got a bit of a heat wave and temps are around 100 now and for the next couple of weeks. I don't want to put it off, because I'm bad like that, but I think it'll have to wait till things cool off at least under 90 again.

Boo Textiles said...

That's quite a schedule you've set yourself. I hope you enjoy writing as much as we enjoy reading! x

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