Monday, July 25, 2011


I don't have much working out to report, because my neck pain and cramping continued right through the week.  It finally loosened up over the weekend though, and I'm so glad to be able to turn my head again.  I'm really looking forward to getting a work out in this afternoon, after I get some other work done.

I'm making some healthy whole grain, real food snacks today.  I've done homemade Larabars, according to this recipe, and I'm planning some peanut butter granola and some power bars with oats and puffed brown rice as well.  I have the bad habit of not snacking, and then I get too hungry to think, so I either eat junk or I don't eat at all.

My two solutions to this are to really cut back on the junk we buy and to make sure there are easy to prep and eat snacks on hand.  I already don't buy most junk food, we don't keep chips, desserts, candy, snack crackers etc in the house, but I am a master of making junk food out of innocuous things, like graham crackers.  Eating the whole pack is not a serving!

And speaking of the real food/whole food thing, I think it's sad and indicitive of how too many people cook and eat that my go to calorie counter website automatically assumes that store bought canned cherry pie filling (made with HFCS, of course) is what I mean when I put in "cherries".  Really?  Since when are those not a fruit first?

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