Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fruits

I've been working this week on cherries and peaches, since they're so inexpensive and in season right now.  I dried about 7 lbs of sweet cherries, which almost filled this two quart jar.

We also picked up a little more than a bushel of peaches.  These I dehydrated, froze and canned. We dried slices, puree (for roll ups), and shreds.  The shreds because my blender broke and I finished my dehydrator load with the salad shooter. I froze a gallon bag of peach quarters for throwing in smoothies, and canned five and a half quarts of slices in ultra light syrup.

I think I'll pick up some more cherries this weekend since they're still on sale.  I'd like to can some as pie filling and brandied cherries.

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Marion said...

I like the theme days! Sometimes I feel guilty for never getting around to blogging, but I still make sure to find time to catch up on the ones I read.
I was wondering, do you have a special tray for roll ups, or do you line the regular trays? I would love to try them this year.

Bethany said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like the new approach.

I use parchment paper on my trays. Here's a post with some pictures of the process from last year.

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