Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finished Socks

I started knitting these oh so long ago.  Here's the proof.

I sort of shuffled them aside and neglected them after I finished turning the heel because I ended up making them about a half an inch too short for my foot.  They fit my mom perfectly though.

I tried to get her to finish knitting them at the point that we discovered they'd fit her so well, but she refused.  Then I debated taking them right off the needle and giving them away to Goodwill.  I also entertained the idea that I might foist them off on some unsuspecting blog reader to finish and keep.

In the end, I girded my knitting loins and finished what I'd started.  I'll send them off to my mom soon, with the bits leftover for darning, if the need arises.  I refuse to do the darning though!

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