Monday, August 22, 2011

It turns out.

Even though I was having cramping all across my chest, and up my neck, I was not having a heart attack as the deep parts of my anxious mind feared.  The doctor has assured me that this is a musclular problem.

I never knew it, but cramping, muscle aches, and joint pain and stiffness are some common side effects of my thyroid problem.  I thought I was just getting old.

She's having the bloodwork done, expecting that she'll probably have to adjust my synthroid prescription, especially bearing in mind that I've been super tired and crazy hungry lately.

For now, I'm supposed to be resting and taking a muscle relaxer that makes me into a zombie to keep the cramping from knotting up my neck too badly.  I am allowed to work out gently, like walking, so I'm sure to be doing that.

The new trainer gave me working out assignments for every day this week!  So far, I've kept up, and I definately planning on starting out in the way I intend to go and making sure this first week is completed fully.

So far, just one session in, we're both enjoying the training a lot.  Ben and I both work better with deadlines and assignments, so this is a good motivator for us both.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Yay for not having a heart attack! I've actually felt similar things, and I have a thyroid problem too. I wonder if it's the same thing. Glad you're figuring things out and feeling a bit better.

anthony stemke said...

I've had three MI's, so I'm glad for you on the one hand. On the other, I hope you get stability and get the situation under control.Good luck to you.

Melonie said...

So glad you are okay!!! But not that you are hurting. Hugs and prayers for you, dear. But gentle hugs so I don't make it worse. ;-)

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