Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not a lot to report...

I haven't done anything interesting all week.

Okay, that's not precisely true.  I've been putting together some fliers and booklets for the county extension club, which has kept me busy, but I did get to go to the printer and order them today, and have a nice lunch with a friend from the board.

I also have such a terrible stiff neck again!  I made an appointment to see my doctor about this tomorrow, because it's gotten to be a much more frequent occurance, and seems to last longer as well.  It's such a terribly painful thing, hurting with each breath and step.  I'm not whining, that's just why I'm really starting to feel like it's not just a regular "slept wrong, kink in the neck" kind of pain.

Today's dinner:
Pinto Beans and Brown Rice
served with sour cream, chopped onion, cheddar cheese, green pepper, guacamole, and Rotel tomatoes on the side.

I was going to put the Rotel right in the rice and make Spanish style brown rice, but then I tasted them.  I am a spice wimp, and there's no way I could handle the whole can in there!  I might put a teaspoon or so in my own dish, if I'm feeling very reckless and adventurous.  Ben will certainly enjoy the rest, spice lover that he is.

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