Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy Week

I've had lots of things to do this week!  I've been doing the monthly newsletter for the county extension.  I just finished putting together my last flyer (there is so much going on, it has so much info this month! That time of year, I guess.) and tomorrow my helpers and I meet to fold and tape and label all 300 of them and get them in the mail.  It's a relief every month when I finally finish this project.

There was a meeting for my local unit yesterday, and I was one of the "hostesses" so I made molasses cookies.  I did have one, because... well, what's the point if I can't even have one of my own best recipe cookies?! :)  Luckily, they were a hit with the ladies, so there were none to bring home and have tempting us.

I'm afraid I might have pantry moths, since I keep seeing little gray moths in the kitchen.  I'm planning to empty and sort the whole pantry today, and I might be ruthless about what I do away with.  I also ordered some traps, which are on their way now.

So, things have been busy here, but I'm afraid I haven't been doing all that much bloggable activity.  Just a lot of newsletter editing!  I did draw the little apple grapics on this post yesterday to make some table cards for our refreshment table, and a sign welcoming the group back after the summer break we've been on.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this early fall as much as I am!  It rained all day yesterday, and I loved it!  This morning is beautiful, so cool and bright.  I can't wait for my bike to get finished at the bike shop.  I want to ride!

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anthony stemke said...

Molasses cookies, oh boy. If you did that you made a lot of people happy.
Went to a writers seminar a 90 minute drive away and they had chocolate chip cookies, which are good. Enjoyed them but the old-fashioned flavour of molasses cookies are non pareil.

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