Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Birds

The chickens have decided that the free-range life is the life for them.  They've taken over my raised garden beds, the deck, the mulch path to the coop, and everything in between.

 They preen and groom on the deck, like I'm running some kind of chicken spa out there.

It's been beautiful wether lately.  At least by my definition, which means cool, gray, damp, and mild.  My favorite time of year is the fall, and I've been trying to enjoy every minute of it.  These little chickies also seem to be making the best of the green grass and unfrozen dust baths while they last.  I've let most of the lawn get long and go to seed because the chickens really like pecking the seed heads.  And because I just can't stand the thought of breaking into the quiet peaceful post-rain days with the lawn mower.

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anthony stemke said...

Free range chickens cost more than the factory-fed ones. I don't think I could kill any though.

Bethany said...

We have butchered and eaten our hens before. I thought I never could do that, but then I discovered that it seems more humane and is easier on us and then chicken than if we try to keep them into old age and they get sick and we have to put them down and not eat them. We had two hens last fall that had this happen, one had a prolapse and the other was laying internally, and it was so much harder to see them sick and have their bodies wasted and buried than it was to butcher the other two that were that age and make sure their deaths at least fed us some good meals. Weird, but that's how I ended up feeling about it.

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