Thursday, September 29, 2011

I finished the slipper that I posted last week.  I love how it turned out!  Unfortunately, since I'm using leftovers, I won't have enough red and cream yarn to make the second and exact match.  I did, however, make sure to make another cord and pompoms before starting the second slipper and using all the red and cream yarn up.  Since the red and white pompoms and candystriped cord are my favorite part of this slipper.  The second will be, I think, red, white, and gray stripes.

I have been cleaning this week!  Ben got me a new vacuum, which I so love!  It's the Shark Navigator Lift Away, and honestly, this is the vacuum I've been wishing existed forever.  I love the way it coverts to the hose and the canister is so easy to carry around, and it works pretty well as a regular vacuum on my laminate floors too.  Anyway, I been finding out that without a vacuum, I've been opting to not clean, rather than have to do it the hard way!  It's so much nicer to get things clean and not have to do it the hard way either.

The washing machine broke the other day.  It will neither spin nor drain.  The repair guy is supposed to be coming sometime today to check it out.  I sure hope he can fix it right away!  I washed whites yesterday by stomping them in a big storage tub, and I don't want to do laundry like that again anytime soon!

Other than some fall cleaning, and knitting, this week has been pretty quiet.  I've been working out with Exerbeat on the Wii.  It's a pretty fun game, and I'm still trying to unlock a bunch of stuff, so it's been keeping my interest fairly well.  I do find some of the animated instrutors pretty humorous though.  Like the samba teacher recommends that I "use your muscles to move your arms up and down."  I ask you, how else would one move their arms? :)

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