Monday, September 12, 2011

In Training for an Active Life

We've been doing really well the last couple of weeks.  We started weight training and conditioning with the trainer, and despite being so much more sore than I knew I could get, I'm really enjoying it.  I never played sports in high school, so I haven't ever had a practice session that involve more than jogging around the field and some catching drills.  It's been cool for me to get a taste of how the more athletic half lived.

It's really motivating for me to work with the trainer, simply because I have no idea of my abilities or limits beyond simple cardio and yard work.  I had no idea that I could do 180 crunches in one work out session.  I would have sworn I wouldn't be able to.  But because she broke it down into different kinds and parcelled them into a circut, I did it without counting them all till later.

And it's sort of fun to just have someone tell you what to do.  It wouldn't have occurred to me to work out like that, because I would have thought I was too out of shape, or wouldn't know what weight, etc to use.  But because she tells me to do it, I figure I must be able to and I just do.

I've been thinking of this period of more intense training and calorie counting as being a sort of a boot camp to switch modes in life.  I'm not training for anything in particular, like a race, but rather training to live the sort of life that will help me gain health and be fit in the long run.  We've been trying to add more active recreation to our weekends the last couple of weeks as well.  In addition to the training sessions, we've gone to the Zoo, walking through Forest Park first to get there, and this weekend, we enjoyed family day at Purina Farms, which is a really awesome attraction in a beautiful landscape.  I've got some great pictures of the Pro-Plan Preformance Dogs to post later this week.

Of course, I'm not going to pretend that I like the idea of walking a mile to the zoo, only to then spend the day walking up and down hills at the zoo, and then walk a mile back to the car.  But I did it, and I'm convinced that eventually, that will sound like my idea of fun.

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anthony stemke said...

Enjoyed reading this. You have the best reason for training.
After awhile that mile walk to and fro;and the zoo walking will be like second nature to you.
Keep at it, you will be glad you did.

Kelsi said...

way to go!! one good decision, one step at a time.

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