Friday, February 11, 2011

Wishing You a Happy St. Valentine's Day!

If you'd like a craft to get ready for the big day over the weekend, instructions for the heart wreath in the picture can be found here:

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Pantry Solution

We had a little spice rack sort of dealie-o on the inside of the door of the pantry that we used for holding teas, and other beverage type things. It was always too full, and those little boxes and packets were forever jumping off or sliding through the wires.

But not anymore!
I picked up an over the door shoe organizer, and now the big pantry shelves are free for canned goods and big boxes and jars.  These little packets and snack-y things are so easy to arrange and have handy right on the inside of the door.

I used big glue dots to stick it to the door and keep it from swinging wildly back and forth, but a couple of them let go once I had it fully loaded, so I think I might have to tack it down with roofing nails or short screws on the bottom corners if we find that any swinging is a problem.

I am so loving this!  I'm very tempted to use the label maker and put labels on all the pockets.  But that might be silly considering that the contents will often change.  We don't usually have a lot of the things that are in there right now in the house at all, actually, like the 100 calorie packs of cookies... that was a hormonal splurge, lol.

The fact that this shoe organizer can fit quart jars is really making me see the possibility of using one as a dried herb organizer in the upstairs closet.  Or a buttons, beads, and small annoying sewing things organizer on my sewing room door.  Or a dried fruit and veggie storage center in... Well, the walk in closet in our bedroom actually, since it's the "extension pantry".  Or a nuts, bolts, and screws organizer out in the garage.  Or a baby socks and underwear and onsie organizer for a baby's room (no, that's not an annoucement, someone else's baby, I mean).  Or an animal medical and various other supplies center out in the garage.  Or a big old first aid kit supply in a bathroom.  Art supplies in a play room.  Seed, trowel, etc. organizer for the garden.  The possibilities seem endless.

Could I have more organizational fun for $10?

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Seed Catalogs...

...are taunting me.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

For Bored Chickens

With all the ice and snow we've been getting, the chickens have been stuck inside for a week and counting.  They really hate having to be "cooped up" and complain loudly about it everytime they see me.

Sometimes we hang a cabbage up for the flock to pick and peck.  I haven't found any for a good price lately, and they tend to go through them really quickly, even when I hang them high.

They like cracked corn and sunflower seeds for a treat but grab them all up in less than five minutes when I toss them out on the ground.

I picked up this bird feeder at the Rural King yesterday, and so far it's helped the "chicken entertainment" problem.  It holds the seed lightly enough that a peck is plenty to shake a few out, sending them all scratching underneath until the next peck.

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