Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sew, sew, sew, my shirt

I started a new top on Monday. I've been in meetings for the county extension since then though, so it's still exactly at this stage in it's (non)construction.  I have today all to myself though, so I'm hoping to make lots of progress with it.

The fabric is a red and pink check that I thought would be just perfect for a Valentine's Day blouse.  I'm a little low on clothes lately and would so much rather sew than clothes shop!

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Worknprogress said...

I hope you have a productive day sewing and can't wait to see your new shirt. I hear ya loud and clear on the lack for want to shop for clothes. :)

Thanks for your kind words a few days ago. We are sooo happy out here in the country--lots to get used to with the lack of electrical heating and windy conditions out here. But waking up to noisy cows is MUCH better than loud music or police helicopters flying over the house.

Hoping your back is feeling much better and you and Ben are making progress on your healthy goals.


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