Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been pretty distracted the last week or so. We'd been treating Smudge on and off for a few months now for urinary spasming and he seemed to be doing okay. On Tuesday though, he ended up straining and in pain again, so we brought him in and they monitored overnight. They said he was fine, so Ben picked him up Wednesday evening, and by Thursday he was completely blocked again.

He spent the next couple of days in the hospital, with a catheter and iv, being tested. He had formed crystals in his urine, the first time they found any. They prescribed special food and some anti-anxiety medicine, an anti-inflammatory and some calming spray.

He's home now, and he seems to be doing okay. I set him up with the upstairs all to himself, since they have diagnosed stress and competition with the other cats as a big part of the problem. We've been spending lots of cuddling time with him, and the isolation situation has been working out better than I expected it would.  He's delighted and so happy to have us all to himself for a couple of hours every day.

For now, whether he'll make it is really just a matter of whether the food works to help dissolve the crystals he formed and whether the anti-inflammatory and anxiety meds work to keep his bladder from spasming.

I've put St. Francis in charge of praying for him.

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lea_elh said...

Aww, he looks just like my cat which makes me feel for him more! I think its a great idea that you each spend some time cuddling him, I know my own cat loves getting that attention when he is sick. I hope he gets well really soon! My thoughts are with him until then!

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