Friday, March 30, 2012

Bulk Food Storage

I finally got the mess of bakery buckets that's been languishing in the no mans land between the kitchen and the dining room for a year organized and labeled.

This closet is in our hall and I suppose the builder might call it a coat closet, but for it not actually being near a door. I had random scrap booking and office supplies in there, but those found a new home that will be revealed at a future time.

These are buckets from the grocery store bakery. They used to be free for the asking but I guess too many people were bothering them for buckets and now they charge a dollar for the smaller ones and two for the big ones.

I used chalkboard contact paper for the labels. I found it on Amazon and just love using it to label things. Especially for jars and things where the contents will change regularly. Convenient, plus it's cute!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Tip for Today

I realized something recently, and I just have to share my new found wisdom.
If there's a chore or job you're not getting to as regularly as you'd like, think about what might be getting in the way.
And if there's something keeping you from the  task, change that something!

My example:
My stove top has been perpetually grimy. It has seemed like such a big job to get it scrubbed clean so I put off doing so. I knew it wouldn't be such a big scrubbing job if I just wiped it off every night, but we store the cast iron there since it's too much for the pantry shelves and it was always stacked heavily in the way. It dawned on me that if I just start keeping those pans in the oven, wiping down the stove is super simple.

This is working quite well for me now because we switched to eating mostly fresh raw foods and I don't do much baking. Moving the pans once or twice a week to use the oven isn't much trouble and my stove top is shining! 

I suppose that if I baked every day I'd need a different solution, but now I've learned to make sure my "solutions" don't get in the way.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Lucky Day

Starting the season out right w unbroken 4 leaf clover streak!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Good Spring

This is Speckle.  She's one of the only chickens that has a name. We can't tell the rest of them apart well enough to name any of them. She came running to greet me this afternoon as I came back from my walk. They all like to hang out in the front beds, but Speckle is a real front door hen.

Things have been going pretty well here. My birthday was Saturday and we had lots of fun going to St. Louis to have lunch and get fancy cupcakes. We shopped every aisle at the international foods market and I came away with some pretty interesting things to try out and experiment with. And lots of great looking snow peas to snack on this week.

I'm not sure if my own peas will produce much, since it's been such a quick warm spring. Spring is always kind of non-existent here but I'm guessing it'll get hotter more quickly than usual this year and stay that way. My potatoes are supposed to come this week, and I have onion sets all ready as well. I'm feeling good about the garden this year. My main goals are tons of tomatoes, garlic and  onions. Sounds yummy just thinking about it!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Phone

I got a new phone yesterday, and I'm having so much fun playing around w it!  Almost makes waiting four years to replace my horrible Samsung moment worth it.  It's also my birthday, so we went to see the hunger games yesterday and today Ben's taking me off on an adventure.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bringing in the Spring

The chickens and I tilled the garden today. I'll admit, their help was pretty inconsequential, but they're just always so eager for a mention on the blog.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Emergency Water

Yesterday I got around to a project that was a long time coming. I've been saving juice bottle for a while now, intending to use them for water storage. I wanted to be sure to sanitize them inside and out though, so waited till I had quite a few to make it worth filling the sink with bleach water.  As per the FEMA website, I used one teaspoon of bleach per one quart of water for my sanitizing solution. Then I rinsed them well, and filled them with cold tap water.  Our water is chlorinated since it's from a municiple source, so it needed no more treatment before being tightly capped (with sanitized caps!) and stored.

Storing water in plastic does raise some questions concerning the leaching of chemicals.  Generally, I try not to drink water from plastic, especially any that's gotten hot, like a bottle of water sitting all day in a car.  In an emergency situation, however, I don't imagine I'd think twice about drinking water that's been stored in plastic in a cool dark environment, especially for a short term situation, like a power outage.

I am planning to learn about storing water by processing it in canning jars, especially since I have so many, and they take up the exact same amount of space filled or empty.

With tornado season upon us, I wanted to be sure I had at least three days' worth in place now, and I'll work on longer term, longer duration water storage as I go.

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Monday, March 05, 2012

A Quick Project to Brighten Our Mornings

I re-organized the counter that I tend to think of as our "breakfast counter".  It's the counter with the coffee maker, blender, toaster and all the various coffee, protien shake, toast accoutrement. It was getting a bit overcrowded, leaving very little room for any actual prep work.  After streamlining everything and decluttering, I turned my attention to the big protien powder tub.

Ben likes it to stay out on the counter since he uses it every morning and really, it's too big for the cabinets anyway.  I don't care for the screaming loud type on the label, so I took that off a while back.  This afternoon, I decided to spruce up the plain white a bit with my own label.

I put this together with inkscape, and sized it so printing two and putting them together would wrap all the way around.  I'm pleased with how well it turned out. MUCH better than the black and yellow lightning bolt pattern on the original plastic shrink wrapping.

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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sneak Peek

I've been working on surprises the last couple weeks, and haven't been able to post any of them so as not to ruin the surprises!

My little brother is getting married in June, and we're throwing a bridal shower for our new sister in April, so a lot of the surprises are not big ones, just little details I'm working on and don't want them seeing too much of before the day.

I put together some graphics using Inkscape and have been designing invitations, favors, etc.  I'm starting to really enjoy using Inkscape. It's taken me quite a while and I've had to watch tons of tutorials (thank God for youtube and the kindness of strangers when it comes to learning new things), but I've begun to know my way around the program well enough that it doesn't take me forever to draw something.

Plus, I've finally figured out how to design and draw things so that it can be printed exact size. Important for favor cards and stickers, etc!  And in case anyone ends up here doing a google search looking for the info, here's what you do: set design page properties for letter sized page, do your layout. Use the transform dialogue box to make rectangles (or whatever you're drawing) the size you'd like it to be in the end (object>transform). Scale tab, choose inches in the drop down box and set the dimensions how you'd like the to be. When you're finished designing, save as a pdf and print that file with no scaling, and you should come up with printed materials exactly the size you need.

Figuring that out sure will help in designing print and cut favor boxes and party supplies, like I've been wanting to do for ages!  I was so glad last week when I discovered what to do for that.

Pictured above is a tiny snippet of yet another project that I can't brag about in its entirety yet.  After the shower in April, I'll have tons to show and tell!

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