Friday, March 30, 2012

Bulk Food Storage

I finally got the mess of bakery buckets that's been languishing in the no mans land between the kitchen and the dining room for a year organized and labeled.

This closet is in our hall and I suppose the builder might call it a coat closet, but for it not actually being near a door. I had random scrap booking and office supplies in there, but those found a new home that will be revealed at a future time.

These are buckets from the grocery store bakery. They used to be free for the asking but I guess too many people were bothering them for buckets and now they charge a dollar for the smaller ones and two for the big ones.

I used chalkboard contact paper for the labels. I found it on Amazon and just love using it to label things. Especially for jars and things where the contents will change regularly. Convenient, plus it's cute!

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love the chalkboard look on the buckets. Is it easy to erase? I want to try it!

Melonie said...

Loving the chalkboard paper too! Yes, do let us know if it's easy to erase. I bought some slates for the kids once that were horrible to try to erase.

One small tip/question: is that an interior closet? If it's an exterior closet you may have to watch the temperatures depending on where it's located vs the sun. I didn't realize it when we first moved in, but our front coat closet collects sun on the east facing wall allll morning long and partway into the afternoon! Bad enough with it storing stinky kids' shoes hahaha but with your food storage in there, you'll want to keep an eye on heat and humidity. I'm probably blathering on about something you already thought of though.... so if you did, ignore the woman behind the Humid Curtain. ;)

Bethany said...

It erases really well. In fact, that might be one of the main drawbacks, lol. When the buckets are full, they're usually too heavy for me to lift up without letting them touch my leg or chest, and then the label smears or rubs off.

Mel, it is an interior closet. I can't say I though that through too closely, but that's why they aren't all upstairs in the first place... way too hot up there! This being an interior closet in our center hall is exactly why it's so impractical as a coat closet, though I think that must be what it was intended to hold.

Melonie said...

All the better then. :) And I'm glad S is doing better too!!!!

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