Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Emergency Water

Yesterday I got around to a project that was a long time coming. I've been saving juice bottle for a while now, intending to use them for water storage. I wanted to be sure to sanitize them inside and out though, so waited till I had quite a few to make it worth filling the sink with bleach water.  As per the FEMA website, I used one teaspoon of bleach per one quart of water for my sanitizing solution. Then I rinsed them well, and filled them with cold tap water.  Our water is chlorinated since it's from a municiple source, so it needed no more treatment before being tightly capped (with sanitized caps!) and stored.

Storing water in plastic does raise some questions concerning the leaching of chemicals.  Generally, I try not to drink water from plastic, especially any that's gotten hot, like a bottle of water sitting all day in a car.  In an emergency situation, however, I don't imagine I'd think twice about drinking water that's been stored in plastic in a cool dark environment, especially for a short term situation, like a power outage.

I am planning to learn about storing water by processing it in canning jars, especially since I have so many, and they take up the exact same amount of space filled or empty.

With tornado season upon us, I wanted to be sure I had at least three days' worth in place now, and I'll work on longer term, longer duration water storage as I go.

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Worknprogress said...

Hurrah! Good on ya!

The canning jars is a good idea! When i did some research on this a few months ago, i found people recommending the glass wine bottles...but canning jars would be so much simpler.

Looking forward to watching what you come up with!

Stay safe this season!

Mrs. Green Toes said...

Dehydrated water takes even less room up! ;)

Melonie said...

Good for you! This is a great start, plastic or not. I've had friends who do a lot of canning who have mentioned that they store water in their emptied canning jars, until they are ready to use them again for food, since they have to store the jars anyway. Where we are now we just have to buy a couple of cases of water and call it good...but when we get back I'll be taking advantage of both of these methods.

anthony stemke said...

Good thinking. If you can still find glass that would be best.

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