Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Tip for Today

I realized something recently, and I just have to share my new found wisdom.
If there's a chore or job you're not getting to as regularly as you'd like, think about what might be getting in the way.
And if there's something keeping you from the  task, change that something!

My example:
My stove top has been perpetually grimy. It has seemed like such a big job to get it scrubbed clean so I put off doing so. I knew it wouldn't be such a big scrubbing job if I just wiped it off every night, but we store the cast iron there since it's too much for the pantry shelves and it was always stacked heavily in the way. It dawned on me that if I just start keeping those pans in the oven, wiping down the stove is super simple.

This is working quite well for me now because we switched to eating mostly fresh raw foods and I don't do much baking. Moving the pans once or twice a week to use the oven isn't much trouble and my stove top is shining! 

I suppose that if I baked every day I'd need a different solution, but now I've learned to make sure my "solutions" don't get in the way.

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