Monday, March 05, 2012

A Quick Project to Brighten Our Mornings

I re-organized the counter that I tend to think of as our "breakfast counter".  It's the counter with the coffee maker, blender, toaster and all the various coffee, protien shake, toast accoutrement. It was getting a bit overcrowded, leaving very little room for any actual prep work.  After streamlining everything and decluttering, I turned my attention to the big protien powder tub.

Ben likes it to stay out on the counter since he uses it every morning and really, it's too big for the cabinets anyway.  I don't care for the screaming loud type on the label, so I took that off a while back.  This afternoon, I decided to spruce up the plain white a bit with my own label.

I put this together with inkscape, and sized it so printing two and putting them together would wrap all the way around.  I'm pleased with how well it turned out. MUCH better than the black and yellow lightning bolt pattern on the original plastic shrink wrapping.

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Melonie said...

What an awesome idea!!!

Riona Mactutis UP! said...

That is absolutely adorable! And another way to get your mind in the right frame in the morning, eh?

Thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks ago. I really need to figure out how best to respond to friends who comment.

Have a joyfilled day!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I like it!

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