Thursday, March 01, 2012

Sneak Peek

I've been working on surprises the last couple weeks, and haven't been able to post any of them so as not to ruin the surprises!

My little brother is getting married in June, and we're throwing a bridal shower for our new sister in April, so a lot of the surprises are not big ones, just little details I'm working on and don't want them seeing too much of before the day.

I put together some graphics using Inkscape and have been designing invitations, favors, etc.  I'm starting to really enjoy using Inkscape. It's taken me quite a while and I've had to watch tons of tutorials (thank God for youtube and the kindness of strangers when it comes to learning new things), but I've begun to know my way around the program well enough that it doesn't take me forever to draw something.

Plus, I've finally figured out how to design and draw things so that it can be printed exact size. Important for favor cards and stickers, etc!  And in case anyone ends up here doing a google search looking for the info, here's what you do: set design page properties for letter sized page, do your layout. Use the transform dialogue box to make rectangles (or whatever you're drawing) the size you'd like it to be in the end (object>transform). Scale tab, choose inches in the drop down box and set the dimensions how you'd like the to be. When you're finished designing, save as a pdf and print that file with no scaling, and you should come up with printed materials exactly the size you need.

Figuring that out sure will help in designing print and cut favor boxes and party supplies, like I've been wanting to do for ages!  I was so glad last week when I discovered what to do for that.

Pictured above is a tiny snippet of yet another project that I can't brag about in its entirety yet.  After the shower in April, I'll have tons to show and tell!

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big B said...

Hi Bethany - Your stitching looks beautiful on the sneak peek. I love the colors.

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