Thursday, April 19, 2012

Die Mouse, Die.

Here's Smudgie being kind of adorable. A couple of people have asked how he's been. I'm sure he appreciates the well wishes. He's been doing fine, no apparent problems and the plumbing seems to be running fine. We hang out a couple of hours a day. He gets lots of snuggles and I'm glad for the excuse to suit down for some quiet time reading and having devotionals. I have the seedlings in the upstairs bathroom, so it's convenient to take care off them atty the same time and water them with his day old water dish.
"Drink water more than 24 hrs untapped? I am a cat of distinction and standards, madam. Please do all you can to provide fresh."
It's great blogging time as well, thanks to my fancy new phone upgrade from Sprint. :)

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