Thursday, July 19, 2012

Onion Braid

I've been trying to keep things going in the garden despite the heat and drought. I've been managing so far by getting up very early and working outside before it gets too hot. I've also been watering most of the vegetables every day.

Not everything is thriving though, and the onions all gave up, laid down and died back before they'd gotten very large. I cured them all anyway, and plan to get what I can from them.

This is the first year I've tried braiding them, so I experimented w a few of the red onions today. We grow mostly yellow onions because they are much better keepers.

I just braided the tops together, adding new onions with each twist or so. I think it'll be nice and convenient to have them right there in the kitchen and ready while I'm cooking. And it looks kind of nice in an old fashioned homey kind of way.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I took a day off and went on an outing w the county extension club today. We took a tour of Marcoot Jersey Creamery in Greenville, IL. It was tons of fun, and I bought so much of their cheese. Their herd is grass fed and the cheese is made right there, where you can watch through the windows. And the calves are adorable!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Spent some time this morning trimming all the garlic to store in mesh bags that I'll hang in the garage for the winter.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of the garlic got roasted instead of curing because of the extreme heat.  There have been a number of heads w translucent, cooked looking cloves.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Organizing Box Tops

I save all the Box Tips for education that we get for my nephew's school, but since we so seldomly buy any name brand things, it takes a very long time to get very many. In the meantime, those tiny little things end up all over, being annoying and getting lost.
This is my quick solution to the problem. I just knocked a slit into an old canning lid w a chisel, flattened the sharp edges back w pliers, hit it and the ring w a dose of white spray paint, and screwed it on to one of those tiny four ounce jars.
Perfect to keep in my counter file box, and easy to just slip them right in, so they're gathered up and have an actual place they belong.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Toddler Sweater

My grandmother informed me on my last trip home that I wasn't making a baby sweater, because you would not dress a baby in orange. Infant sartorial statements aside, I love how this project is turning out. This cute little top down raglan is coming out to look like something really special in the self-striping yarn complete w faux fair isle specks.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Quick 300 Calories

1300 calories a day doesn't leave a toon of room for junk food, but I love tacos. Here's a snack/lunch I like to put together that's suitable for every day.

LaTortilla factory tortilla 50 calories
75 grams of from scratch refried beans (just pintos and seasoning, no oils) 100 calories
1 Oz cheddar cheese 100 calories
30 grams guacamole or avocado 60 calories
Lots of chopped onion, pepper slices and shredded lettuce as desired

So yummy! I like to put the tortilla in the oven and get it crunchy first, and serve the whole thing like a toastada, but it would be yummy add a wrap to go as well.

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