Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Quick 300 Calories

1300 calories a day doesn't leave a toon of room for junk food, but I love tacos. Here's a snack/lunch I like to put together that's suitable for every day.

LaTortilla factory tortilla 50 calories
75 grams of from scratch refried beans (just pintos and seasoning, no oils) 100 calories
1 Oz cheddar cheese 100 calories
30 grams guacamole or avocado 60 calories
Lots of chopped onion, pepper slices and shredded lettuce as desired

So yummy! I like to put the tortilla in the oven and get it crunchy first, and serve the whole thing like a toastada, but it would be yummy add a wrap to go as well.

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