Monday, September 17, 2012


I finally got up my courage and used my pressure canner for the first time last week. Now that I've done it, I'm addicted!

It's actually so easy and not to scary if you just follow the instructions, and now I can have so many quick and easy, BUT homemade, meals available. Plus, I like canned green beans so much better than frozen.

I've done green beans from the garden, and this past weekend, Ben and I did homemade chili, chicken breasts, and beef stew. I'm very excited to try more things soon! What are your favorite pressure canned products?

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Alison said...

My grandma used to can everything, I bet there are jars of food in the basement older than I am. I wish I had learned to can but she never let me in the kitchen while she was doing all that stuff. I was allowed to help with the tomatoes for some reason, but nothing else.

It will be nice for you to have homemade chili at the ready for those times when you want something hot and homemade but are too lazy to cook. Much better than cracking open a store bought can.

Jennifer Richard said...

this looking very yummy. my mother always doing this and she keeps.

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