Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

I came up w a delicious flavor of protein shake for the fall. This seriously tastes like pumpkin pie.

The recipe makes 8 servings, perfect for freezing and eating through the week.

I used dehydrated pumpkin puree, but canned would work too. Make sure it's 100% pumpkin, not pie filling.

4 cups pumpkin
8 scoops protein powder
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 can evaporated milk
3 Tbl cinnamon
2 Tbl ground ginger
1 Tbl ground nutmeg
1 tsp ground cloves

If using dried pumpkin, allow it to soak. Blend all ingredients. If you don't have a big enough blender, this can be done in two batches.

I only had room for my yogurt, pumpkin and protein powder, so I added the evaporated milk to the freezer jars to be shaken in later.

This is a very thick smoothie, so water or tea or coffee should be added as desired to thin it out for drinking.

One shake is about 230 calories.

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